As Time Goes By

The Seedling

As Time Goes By was inspired by the effect of time on nature.

As Time Goes By is a project that includes four images that depict something that is affected by time. The task: “create a design that shows something reacting to time.” This process began with completing a process and documenting the steps, this is seen in “Apple” and “The Seedling.” “Apple” shows a full apple and then the last step before it is thrown away. “The Seedling” is showing the growing process, the first ‘seed’ starting darker and the final ‘flower’ lighter. “Aging Eyes” is a little different, and was drawn to show the process of time on eyes, comparing young and old, the older being contrasted with the blue pencil.

Ageing Eyes


The subject of this project was time, I decided to focus on the effect of time on nature. Rough drawings where sketched out using physical things to assist. Beginning with Apple, I sketched out how it slowly disappeared while it was eaten.


I began to add further detail, this included adding colour and darkening features to a few of the sketches. I used different medium, including watercolours and coloured pencil. 


The final step was to scan and clean up each image. Using Photoshop, I removed an unwanted marks and imperfections from the original drawings. Using the levels tool, I was able to adjust

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