Fantasy World


Fantasy World was created to represent an alternate world within out our own.

“Fantasy World” was all about creating a second world that corresponds to ours. This world was created in illustrator. My task was to design unique characters that fit into a simple photograph. I completed this through a simple process that began with photographing different situations in nature and of people/ pets. A rough sketch was drawn up to map out the location of each drawing. Then with the use of a Wacom tablet, each illustration was drawn. I took all the photos using a Nikon camera, and all the additional digital drawings were done in Illustrator. 

As mentioned, I completed these digital drawings on Illustrator with a Wacom tablet, and becuase of my limited experience with on the designs are very simplistic. However, if you have a look at my ongoing project HumourMe, I ventured into using Procreate on the iPad to create more detailed drawings. 

Holding the World

The images “Drifting” and “Holding The World,” were created to show this alternate smaller world within our own. The images were intended to be quirky and simple. Through transforming a simple photograph, and adding simple illustrations has created alternate characters that do not already exist.

Staying Hydrated


“Fantasy World” began with photographing different people, places, animals, anything I thought would be a good subject to edit on top of.


After taking many photographs, I roughly sketched over each image to try and create an understanding of what characters and backgrounds I wanted to create.


The next step was to continue to digitally draw each character on top of the four images. The subject of each image was to create an alternate fantasy world that was within our own.

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