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HumourMe was designed to connect humour, metaphors and anxiety.

sticker 3@4x

Some individuals who experience mental health problems hide how they feel out of fear of judgement and alienation. HumourMe aims to create an optimistic conversation about anxiety by exploring humour and metaphors and creating a brand. HumourMe will feature unique images to attract the attention of emerging adults at university, and show the normalness of someone’s feelings with anxiety. Qualitative data was gathered online to discover different means of adding metaphors and humour to the designs, and to make the potentially nerve-wracking topic into something more approachable. 

Poster Design

HumourMe is a visual branding campaign that explores different levels of seriousness and metaphors to spark a positive conversation about mental health in emerging adults. Instead of re-using known familiar design solutions, the implementation of metaphors and humour in design practice can contribute to creative thinking and thereby more understanding options.

HumourMe’s deliverables include high-fidelity visual elements that will be printed and uploaded to social media. To partner with the images, high-quality products will be made that feature the Knot, the other characters, and the humorous wording that features in the images. These items include notebooks, t-shirts, calendars, stickers, tote bags, and craft bags. Through the creation of wearable products, the wearers will spread the message further putting the project out into the world. These designs aim to make the Knot characters a memorable mascot that represents anxiety. This concept is significant because seeing a design in person, as well as online will increase the chances of recognition and understanding.  

Design Outcomes
Poster Designs
Knot Characters
Calendar Design
Notebook Designs


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