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Mangata was inspired by the ocean and how light reflects on its surface.

“Mangata” is an original typeface that recognised the ocean and its contribution to life. “Mangata” is Swedish for the glimmering, reflection that the moon creates on the water’s surface. The task: “create a typeface that creates a homage to the ocean.” I did this through creating a typeface that displays the beauty that the ocean is. The overall shape of the letters is a circle, the circle represents the life of sea creatures and the bubbles created in the water with movement. The erased sections of the letters were included to represent the way light reflects on the water. The two features were combined to promote the ocean as a resource for life. Mangata was designed to be used as a display font. The typeface was created to push the boundaries of legibility.

Poster Designs
Final Font

I found that when put over a dark background increased user interaction, and helped legibility. Especially when the low-value background was combined with block shapes that outlined each letter. This concept was designed to be promotional material for the typeface. To promote the typeface, I combined the letters together through filling in where there was a gap, which can be seen in “Dd ” and “45.” Whereas, the front promotional poster was “Comparison” which allowed the viewer to see both the capitalised and lower case letters. This was a successful design, as it displayed the different style of letters in a unique way.

Process Video


The process began with sketching up different shaped letters, using circles and angles. These sketches are influenced by the ocean, and the final idea involved creating circular letters that have sections ‘erased’ to mimic the effect of light reflecting on the water’s surface. The chosen concept was then digitally traced and created in Illustrator. Capitals, lowercase, numerals and some punctuation was designed to create the font.


The letters were created using the circle tool in Illustrator, joining and erasing sections with the eraser tool. The next step of the process was to transfer each character created in Illustrator to FontLab. In this process, I edited any misshaped letters and edited the kerning between each letter.


The process was finalised with the creation of five promotional images, three small squares and two A3 posters. These posters were created in Illustrator, and they began with a white background and black outlines. The decision to change the background to black was made as it made each character stand out. The colours were chosen to appear like neon lights reflecting on a water’s surface at night.

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  1. Amazing work from Emily. I would be very happy if she would do some future projects for me. I found this website on IG and I fell in love with the layout and design. Emily, amazing.

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