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Pill Testing

Pill Testing was designed for risk reduction, not pill promotion.


Pill Testing was designed as a solution to the safety problems at Festivals; particularly drug-related issues. Safety can easily be forgotten in the high of a festival, each of the designs has been created to keep safety at the forefront of the festival-goer’s mind.

Instagram Mockup

A recent study of festival attendees ages 18-30 reported that the results of drug checking would influence their drug use behaviour. The designs are created to promote pill testing at the SandTunes festival at the Gold Coast. Each design uses bright colours and bold text to present the importance of checking the contents of something you are taking. The bold text, vivid font colour, attractive alignment, and eye-catching visuals displayed on the design aids in building maximum engagement on Instagram.

Design Outcomes
Email Design
Email Mockup
Wristband Designs

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