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We Are Women

We Are Women aims to bring a community of like-minded women together.

We Are Women was a concept created that filled a gap in the community to give women an opportunity to be involved in activities around them. These activities were designed to bring like-minded women together, providing a chance to open-up and grow new skills.

The app was designed using Illustrator, the prototype was then made using You can test out the prototype in the link below. 



Creating the app for We Are Women began with creating a wireframe to understand how the app will flow from one page to another. The app works similar to a social media application, and features a login, feed, messenger and profile. The idea was to create a platform that brought a community of women together..


Next, was creating a colour scheme to use throughout the app design. A pinker colour scheme was chosen becuase of feminine qualities. 


The final step was creating a logo and brand to represent the We Are Women concept. A strong logo needed to be created to gain attention and to be used across multiple platforms. 

App Demonstration
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