Data Visualisation, Graphic Design

Who is Most Vulnerable Online?

Who is most vulnerable online was designed to present a collection of data that easily answered a question.

The story behind the infographics is discovering who is most vulnerable online. This is done through first discovering the age group, then the changes in what they post, and then finally opinions on seriousness and how they respond to online harassment and abuse. 

The infographics for Who is Most Vulnerable Online were created using Illustrator. 

The purpose of these designs is it explain the impact online harassment has on someone and how adjusting privacy can help avoid it. 

When reviewing the infographics, it can be concluded that the most common age online is 16 – 24 year olds, posting large amounts of personal information, specifically woman who feel online harassment is not taken seriously and so they take their own actions. Colour is consistently used over all three infographics. The highest data in the data sets is the darkest blue, slowly moving down to white or black. This makes the readability easy for the user to compare the data over all three infographics

The Story Behind Each Infographic


The story in this first infographic is showing who is most commonly online and how that group has responded to harassment. It is about seeing what is going on from the outside.


The story in this second infographic is showing what someone posts and how it can potentially cause negative outcomes.


The story in this third infographic is showing that women feel more vulnerable online, but have also taken action to protect themselves.

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